Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment to your future spouse, and choosing the perfect one is important to every couple. As you spend time shopping for an engagement ring and are getting ready to pop the question, don’t rule out buying a vintage piece. Vintage engagement rings offer many benefits that are lacking in brand new rings. Here are our top 6 reasons for buying a vintage engagement ring.


It’s Timeless

As the years go by, styles change. When you buy a vintage engagement ring, you know that the beauty of the ring has stood the test of time. If it was beautiful to its original wearer and it’s beautiful to you now, chances are its timeless beauty will last for generations.

It’s Unique

Instead of searching modern jewelry stores for a ring with hundreds of other copies, buy a vintage ring. Most stores that offer vintage engagement rings have only one copy of each piece. If uniqueness is important to you, you can opt to have your wedding bands engraved to add more meaning to your rings. A one-of-a-kind bride deserves a one-of-a-kind ring.

It’s Cost Effective

Because vintage jewelry is technically used, it is often more cost effective than buying new. Buying a vintage engagement ring may allow you to afford a better quality ring with a nicer stone than if you were to purchase the equivalent brand new from a store.

It’s Better for the Environment

When an engagement ring is repurposed for another couple, no new mining was required. This means that buying a vintage ring is eco-friendly and puts less stress on the earth.

It Has Lasted a Lifetime of Wear

A vintage engagement ring has already physically endured a lifetime of wear. This means that the craftsmanship of the ring is superb and you don’t have to worry that your ring is chintzy and might break. Chances are, your vintage ring will hold out for many more lifetimes. Perhaps this ring will become an heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.

It Has a History

Think of how many people, places and years a vintage engagement ring has seen. It has lived a lifetime experiencing the vibrancy and blessings, as well as the heartache of its wearer. When you wear a vintage engagement ring, you are wearing a timeless piece of history.


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