Wedding season is slowly coming to an end and now is the perfect time to look back on all thing’s nuptial from dresses to décor and everything in between. A lot goes into a wedding (and that’s an understatement) which means this list could take some time! So instead, we’ve rounded up the top five wedding trends of 2018 including themed wedding invitations, big bouquets, and everyone’s favorite what was on the menu?!

Outdoor Venues & Themed Invitations to Match

Some themes come and go and others are purely seasonal. For example, it’s not every day you see starfish wedding invites, but this summer we saw our fair share of beach themed weddings – especially when it came to invites. From palm trees to sandy color schemes, embracing the destination wedding vibe was high on many bride’s lists of must haves.

And to take that a step further, smaller destination weddings are becoming much more popular than a larger church wedding that many are used to seeing in the past. Think the cool location of an elopement with the feel of a backyard family only celebration. 

Boho Bridesmaids & Blossoming Botanicals

Once of the major purchases and most memorable aspects of any wedding are the flowers. From the entrance way to the table décor and of course the centerpiece of the bridal party, wedding flowers are a must! This season that meant big blossoms. Less flowers with a larger statement was the main floral trend of 2018 and even as we’re headed into the cooler seasons this is still standing strong.

To match the wilder wedding flower trend are the boho bridesmaids holding them. Less formality is being seen across bridesmaid’s dresses and more color and casual clothing has made the cut this wedding season.

Beers & BBQ

Goodbye to the days of the fancy sit down dinner. It’s all about self-serve BBQ and cute custom coozies. So much of a wedding is about upholding sacred ceremony and tradition so when it comes to the reception many couples are opting for something a bit more low-key to offset the somewhat stuffy aspects of a wedding.

Beers, a full bar, and a messy BBQ dinner is everything wedding goers want to kick off a wedding reception. It’s the perfect recipe for a long night full of love, celebration, and lots of dancing!

These trends are some of the best we’ve seen in a while so hopefully they stick around come 2019! But there’s always room for something new or bringing back a traditional that’s long been lost.