As a member of, you are required to place our voting link in a prominent place on your website. The following are a selection of banners and html code information to assist you with adding the voting link to your site.

Be sure to check our special Wedding Hall of Fame banners.

Size: 100x120 Image: top100weddingsites.gif

Size: 199x50 Image: votetop100wed.gif

Size: 211x50 Image: votetop100wedding.gif

Size: 88x31 Image: top100wed88x31ani.gif

Size: 88x31 Image: top100wed88x31wani.gif

Size: 125x125 Image: top100wed125x125ani.gif

Size: 125x125 Image: top100wed125x125wani.gif

Size: 468x60 Image: top100wed468x60ani.gif

Size: 468x60 Image: top100wed468x60wani.gif


To save any one of the above images to your site, point to image with your mouse, right click mouse, choose "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As"(Explorer), and then pick the folder you wish to save the image in (Same folder as your HTML code).

Cut and Paste the following code into your HTML page to activate link to our site:

Code for Image:

<a href=""> <img src="ENTER PATH TO THE IMAGE YOU SAVE" alt=" Wedding Resource" width="468" height="60" border="0" /></a>

Code for textual link:

<a href="">Top Wedding Websites</a>

NOTE: Use your voting id with the above html code. (just replace "yourvoitingid" with the voting id you received upon joining)

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