Welcome to Top100weddingsites.com's - Wedding Hall of Fame

Top100weddingsites.com wishes to recognize top wedding businesses for their professionalism and best business practices with a star on the Wedding Hall of Fame. A member can display the official Wedding Hall of Fame image on their website if they are an active member of Top100weddingsites.com and in return we will display a star image beside their listing to let our visitors know that these businesses belong to the Wedding Hall of Fame.

The criteria for placement of the Wedding Hall of Fame image is:

  • The image must be placed on the main/home page of your website
  • The image must be displayed above the fold (in the upper screen viewing area)
  • The image must be linked to Top100weddingsites.com.

If the above criteria is not followed, then your Top100weddingsites.com listing will not include the Hall of Fame star. Please note, we will monitor your site to see if the above criteria is met.

You can apply for the Wedding Hall of Fame by submitting the following form and by placing any one of the following images on your website. Once we have viewed your site to see if you have met the above criteria, you will be approved for the Wedding Hall of Fame and a star will placed adjacent to your Top100weddingsites.com listing.

100x100 Animated image - weddinghalloffame100x100ani.gif

100x100 image - weddinghalloffame100x100.gif

120x90 image - weddinghalloffame120x190.gif

88x31 image - weddinghalloffame88x31.gif

If you have any questions about these rules and regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Form.