To Video or Not To Video

Videography has always been a great way to capture one of your most precious moments in your life. In the past, video was the only way to view your wedding day and share it with family and friends.

Many photographers have now switched over to digital photography and are no longer using film photography. With digital photography now becoming more popular for weddings and other special occasions you now have an alternative choice when it comes to viewing your wedding day.

Digital Photo Slideshows have been around for a while now and are being used in advertising, fashion industry, real estate and many other areas of business. They are now being used to produce professional slideshows for weddings and special occasions.

Slideshows when artistically produced will have a high emotional impact on the viewers. This is accomplished by special photo effects on each slide as well as slide transitions and background music.

With photo slideshows you, the customer, help in the creation of your slideshow. You can capture the events leading up to your engagement and also your milestone anniversaries in the years to come. All this is possible by adding these events to the DVD menu.

With videography you are only capturing your wedding day and nothing else leading up to that special day and in the years to come. Video is just not the ideal choice any longer in capturing your life events.

A digital photographer, on average, will take as many as 500 plus pictures. These pictures can be made available to you on a CD or DVD. Why not put these pictures to good use.

Combining your own digital pictures leading up to your wedding day along with your milestone anniversaries and even the birth of your children, will become a keepsake of unforgettable memories.
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