The Wedding Venue Dilema

Deciding on the which venue to have your wedding or wedding reception is the most critical decision you will make. The is where all of you guests will gather to celebrate your day and you are expected to provide them with a good time. The right venue means good food, good drink, enough room for people to sit, and of course a place for dancing.

Some thing to be aware of when you go to visit the halls. Most halls will intimidate you into booking a date and signing a contract on the spot by putting the fear of losing the date in your head. If you are flexible with your date this process becomes a lot easier and give you a bit more power. The day of the week will determine your price since Saturday is by far the most expensive, Friday is a close second, and Thursday is now the new Friday. Don?t be afraid to ask every question that pops into your mind and if they give you an answer you want make sure it goes into the contract. You would be amazed at how many empty promises are made by salesman trying to close a deal.

There are certain items you should focus on when taking your tours. Cocktail hour seating is often overlooked and is most noticed by your guests. Trying to eat food and hold a drink while standing up in fancy clothes isn?t easy. A hall that offers a separate cocktail hour floor or section is always a plus. The bar that will be open during your cocktail hour is what you guests will really come to love. Ask how many bartenders will be working, can you have a couple of tray passed signature drinks, and make them aware of any special drink preferences.

When reviewing the main room layout checkout the dance floor, the lighting, the carpet, and the sample table layout they have setup. This will depend on the size of your wedding, but try to find a location that allows you to be in the center of the room in front of the dance floor. This will allow you to have half your guests on each side and all of the action takes place directly in front of you. Bar location can also dictate the flow of your party since most people will end up there at some point during the evening. A bar located opposite the dance floor in the back middle of the room will allow a smooth flow for your guests, keep people on the dance floor, and avoid a corner crowd waiting fo $2 beers at your $20,000 reception.

This point is critical for the bride. Take a close look at the Bridal Suite and ask about the Bridal Attendant. This is where you will spend a large portion of your day and you want to be comfortable. The suite should be just as nice as anything else in the hall and if it isn?t it shows a lack of attention to detail from the hall and should be a warning sign. Your entire bridal party and parents will be in the room so make sure it has enough space to hold everyone comfortably with enough seating.

Above all, I cannot stress this enough, do not sign anything until you have all of your questions answered, all your concerns addressed, and everything important in writing. This going to be your biggest expense by far and you have every right to be as anal as you want so go for it and enjoy! I picked the last place I looked at and the only reason we even saw it was because they had a cancellation and called us while we were going to book another location next door. So be patient and you will find the perfect place for your perfect day.

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