Come Rain or Shine, like the Mail

What does a mailman or mailwoman have to do with choosing your wedding vendors? What are they known for, besides getting every single holiday imaginable off? Consistency. Whether it is sleeting, snowing, hailing or re-melting the asphalt outside, they are there for you. That is vital for your big day. What kind of chance are you willing to give someone to not show up on time or at all? A mailman has usually proven himself for years before he gets his very own route. Many are veterans of a war or two. The point is this: experience is good, consistency is great! Ask for references and then call the references and ask the basics. Were they on time? Were they courteous? Were you happy with their finished product? Would they recommend them?

Another point is that those mail people give a pretty straight service too. There is never a question about their prices. They are not the cheapest but they aren?t the most expensive either. They aren?t desperate for your business.

Similarly, a good wedding vendor whatever his talent won?t hem haw around about what they charge. They may need a little time to come up with a proposal but if your directions are clear their proposal should be also. They will, in some cases, need to allow room for contingency, like caterers for instance, but this will be clearly stated.

Be careful of those vendors who are so much cheaper than the going rate for things. There is a reason for that and it may not be to your benefit to find out the hard way. However, even if you are on a shoestring budget think about what you want to end up with, besides a fairytale marriage. You want good memories in your mind and of those who attend. When my wife and I married nearly two decades ago we were on a very tight budget with five hundred guests but to this day we still have people tell us that our wedding was among the most elegant they have attended.

Finally like the US postal service a good vendor is not desperate for your business. Although they may be very accommodating they will not allow themselves to stray to far from what they know looks and works well. If your vendor doesn?t seem to have a clear direction or they allow themselves to be wish washy, be scared. They don?t have a clue about what they are doing.

In summary, a good wedding vendor (caterer, florist, photographer, makeup artist, etc.) will be consistent, straightforward, and confident. So if your not feeling it keep on looking. They are out there.
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This article was Written by Chris Huling of Perfect Bridal Services- hair, makeup, and more