SAVE THE DATES ? ?To Do or Not to Do? that?s the Question?

First, some may ask ?what is a save the date?? The purpose of a save the date is to announce any important occasion or event well in advance of the actual invitation being sent. The idea is that intended guests will mark the date off on their calendars before another commitment comes along and keeps them from attending your occasion. Save the dates can be sent in various forms and styles? a postcard, bookmark, magnets, etc. Many of these items you will find can even be personalized with a photo ? neat!

Save the dates have become a standard in the wedding industry. After all, your wedding is one of those occasions that just won't be quite the same without the people closest to you there to share in your happiness. Save the dates are a great way to start the buzz and anticipation of your wedding.

It?s no secret that most of us live calendar filled lives, often times having 2 to 3 events competing for our attention on the same day. That being said, here are some reasons that sending save the dates may be a good idea for you:

? Doubles and serves as an engagement announcement

? Helps to insure that intended guests will be available on your special day

? Essential if you are getting married on a holiday weekend or during peak vacation times

? If you are having a destination wedding ? gives guests plenty of notice to plan for travel, time off from work, etc.

? If you have created a wedding website with details about your wedding such as gift registries, accommodations for out of town guests, photos, etc., sending save the dates that include the website link is a great way to get your website out to family and friends. (Creating a wedding website is another great idea to consider and is offered many places on the Internet for a minimal cost, or even free).

When should save the dates be sent out? Anywhere from 6 months to 1 year is standard, but for destination or holiday based weddings, 1 to 1-1/2 years is probably better.

While save the dates are certainly an option on your wedding preparation to do list, they can be an inexpensive and fun way to start the process and make sure that all the hard work that leads up to your Big Day is shared by as many as possible!

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