Wedding Day Priority

I meet with couples on a weekly basis and feel compelled to address this issue with all of the brides I can come in contact with. I think in the rollercoaster ride of planning for your most special day, you often forget to consider what really matters to you. Yes, I recommend taking a few moments to plan your wedding planning.

Your whole life you?ve seen what a wedding should be. You?ve mentally bookmarked floral arrangements, poses, locations and wedding day stuff for quite some time. If you think for a moment, you will remember what?s really important to you. Don?t go and get everything that everyone goes and gets for there wedding day until you really know what?s important to you.

Choosing who will provide the services at your wedding is one of these very important considerations. There are a lot of company?s that do the things you need in a lot of different ways and for different prices. I?ll spare you another list of the vendors you need and just ask you to decide which one do you care most about? Perhaps you?ve always dreamed of the perfect cake at your wedding. I would suggest going there first.

Let your budget revolve around your priority, before you get to caught up in the planning. As for me, I would say your wedding photography is the most important :)
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This article was provided by Jesse Boone, Album designer/Owner of Finest Moments Photography.