How to Make Out-of-town Wedding Guests Feel More Welcome

Wedding planning can be very stressful, as the big day gets closer and closer. Throughout the pressure and anxiety, you must take the time to remember those who will be celebrating with you-specifically out-of-town guests to make them feel more welcome.

And when it comes to taking care of wedding guests, there are no limits.

Make Arrangements in Advance

Your out-of-town guests understand you are preoccupied and, therefore, do not expect you to cater to them. But at very least you should arrange to take care of their immediate needs.

Reserve a block of rooms at a hotel so that these special guests may enjoy a group discount during their stay. Hotels should be near the site of the event(s) and include complimentary amenities that may help take the sting out of travel expenses.

Also, since they will need to travel back and forth, ask an airport rental car agency to set aside a group of cars for your guests' convenience. Shop around for the best deals and features so these out-of-towners can enjoy the utmost convenience at reasonable rates. Be sure to include all of this information with your save the date cards and wedding invitations for everyone's convenience.

Gifts Show Appreciation

When they arrive at their hotel room, your guests may feel disconnected from you and the wedding. That is why a token of your appreciation should be waiting for them in their room.

Many wedding planners suggest creating gift baskets full of items the guests can use during their trip. The basket should always be sealed with a personal note from you to the guests.

For the out-of-town guests unfamiliar with the area, you can offer a welcome basket with maps, event calendars and points of interest. You could also include food items and drinks in a basket so they will have something good to eat when they arrive. Finally, some pampering essentials-soaps, candles and oils-might offer a soothing touch for guests who are exhausted from a long trip.

Your gift could also be specialized around a hobby the guest enjoys. For example, if the guests love flowers, perhaps tickets to a local botanical garden would be in order. If the travelers have kids who like trains, then a trip to a local model railroad museum would be appreciated.

The main idea behind a gift basket for your out-of-town travelers is to tailor it to their tastes and personalize it especially from you.

Make Them Feel Welcome

No matter how busy you are, you should call your guests to welcome them and tell them how glad you are they came. A small gesture like this will remind them why they came so far to congratulate you on your special day.

Many couples have a small appreciation brunch or dinner for traveling guests. Usually held after the wedding, the meal is an additional way for the bride and groom to personally thank these attendees. If a small celebration after the wedding is out of the question, consider inviting them to the rehearsal dinner. This will make your guests feel extra special-and welcome.

These ideas are only a few ways you can convey to your out-of-town guests that you care. Whatever idea you come up with, make sure it is meaningful for them.
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