How can I have a Beautiful Wedding and Reception without spending a lot of money?

Couples need to be "realistic" about how much money they really have to spend. If you really want something, pick what is the most important item that you want. You may have to do without something else. You need to please yourself, not what everyone else wants or may want. I find this is when problems arise.

Have a Theme for your Wedding and Reception and follow all the way through. Use flowers or items from the wedding and use at the reception.

As a Wedding Coordinator and a Floral Designer, I will explain to my couples what they can use from the wedding and where to use them at the reception.

Another important item is Photography and Video. There are so many Photographers today that put "all" of your pictures on a CD and you can make pictures yourself, this will save you a lot of money. As for Video, everyone at the wedding will have one. Video coverage can be expensive for almost the same cost you can have a Live Web Cam for people who could not make it to your wedding can still watch your special day as it happens.The other advantage to the Video is that if you have a Destination Wedding in mind and planning a reception when you get home, relive your "Special Day" at the reception.

Chair Cover and Linen Rentals, this is a Big decision and brides need to know that not all lines are created equal. If you want quality you will pay for it, if you want cheap that is what you will get. Brides also need to know this is a beautiful way to dress up your wedding and reception but will get costly when you want Custom Made, Satins, Crush and Specialty Fabrics and every attempt is made to accomodate, without 30 plus days to get this kind of linen can be impossible.

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