Growing Trend in Themed Weddings that Reflect the Couple's Personal Style

Today, weddings are more a reflection of the bride and groom's personal tastes and preferences than about tradition. Modern wedding trends, including themed weddings, allow the wedding couple to enjoy more creative planning of their special day. With the availability of a wide variety of wedding venue suppliers via the web, wedding couples are increasingly celebrating with numerous variations of traditional wedding ceremonies. Oftentimes, themed wedding arrangements may be more relaxed and casual for the couple as well as the guests.

"Weddings seem to have individual themes now, from the invitation to the food," says Ilene Guy, co-founder of E and I Design, a design firm that creates exclusive wedding invitations and stationery for Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas. Guy added, "Design is everywhere now and easier to incorporate."

Some of the most popular ideas for themed weddings include time period themes, such as the Renaissance, the Victorian Era and the Roaring 20s as well as ethnic themes, such as Greek, Japanese and Jewish--all of which bring an element of culture and history to the event. In addition, Cinderella and other fairy tale and Disney themes can transport your guests back in time with a hint of romance and class.

"It's easier now to have the fairytale wedding you've always envisioned, and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg," says Erin Sarpa, another co-founder of E and I Designs. "People are more creative and have more resources today," she says.

In planning a themed wedding, be sure to take the time of year into consideration. For example, a beach bash or a spring blossoms theme may not be appropriate in January. If you want your guests to participate in the theme by dressing in costume, a good way to do this is to make this request in your announcements and invitations. Also, try to avoid overstating your theme with too many elaborate decorations-you don't want your theme to detract from the meaning of the day. In general, simple is better. Finally, if you have a theme in mind but are not sure where to start, consider engaging a wedding coordinator who can help coordinate and manage all the details.

The bottom line is that personality and creativity are what today's weddings are all about. Whether you are into all things Celtic, beach parties, butterflies or fairytales, the most important consideration in choosing a theme is that it be something romantic and fun that you can cherish the memories of for years to come.

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