How to Buy Wedding Invitations Online with Confidence

Does the thought of buying wedding invitations online make you nervous? That?s understandable, they are a very important part of your wedding planning, not to mention they are pretty expensive.

In the past, typically most people would go to the local wedding invitation shop and browse through books of invitations until they found one they liked. Now, more and more people are buying their wedding invitations online. You?ll find that you have a much wider selection of wedding invitations to choose from online. Plus you can compare prices in the privacy of your home.

You can find a full range of quality from print-at-home to very expensive letterpress wedding invitations. Typically you can customize the wording in various fonts. If you?re like most people, you will want to actually handle the invitation to see the quality of the paper and to make sure it looks as good as it does on the computer.

Most reputable online wedding invitation dealers offer you the option of getting a samples of their invitations for a very small fee. Here?s a little inside info, even the local wedding shop typically takes the information you provide then go online to type it into the invitation designers vendor portal so the invitations can be printed. So why not do this yourself and cut out the middle man?

If you are now considering buying your wedding invitations online, here?s some tips.

1. Select a Style that matches your wedding theme and colors. You will find an amazing selection of styles online. Find something that matches your tastes and see if they have matching response cards, reception cards, thank you cards, etc.

2. Find the Right Vendor: To see if the website is reputable read the websites ?Terms and Conditions.? See if they provide a physical address and phone number. You might try calling them to see if you can talk to someone and how helpful they are. Is the website east to use? Is it easy to customize your invitation online? Can you get and online proof or one emailed to you?

3. Get Samples: This is always a good thing to do. Don?t be disappointed when your expensive box of customized wedding invitations shows up and they weren?t what you expected.

4. Get the Wording Right: After you customize your wedding invitations make sure you got the wording right! Check it, then recheck it, then have someone else check it. Make sure the date, the time and the location are especially correct.

5. Place your Order: Okay, so how many invitations are you going to order? Don?t just buy a number equal to the number of guests you are inviting! Order around 25 more than you think you need. You will need them for keepsakes and just in case.

Here?s an extra tip. Watch for sales! You will be surprised how often online invitation dealers offer free shipping or discounts. Now you can go out and buy with confidence!

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