International Strolling Stations -- A Livelier Trend in Wedding Catering

Frustrated by buffet lines? Having trouble figuring out how to please Grandpa as well as your younger guests at your wedding? Here's a helpful wedding catering suggestion. How about Strolling Stations?

Strolling Stations, placed at several locations throughout an event's entire venue, encourage a livelier celebration as guests move about the entire space. You can opt for a myriad of flavors and cuisines from many cultures or simply a wide selection within a particular cuisine. Much more than with plated courses or even buffets, Strolling Stations accommodate a wide variety of taste preferences with style, grace, elegance, and are offered by most wedding catering firms.

You even can incorporate butler-passed hors d'oeuvres to complement your various stations. Alternatively, select Strolling Stations just for the cocktail hour before a plated dinner as an unexpected twist. Trying to marry two cultures at one wedding? Strolling Stations enable you to wed two families' traditions gracefully with cuisine from both.

Wedding Catered Strolling Stations can be entirely plattered or also may include chef-attended Action Stations in which a chef prepares food before your guests, precisely to their liking. Guests love the experience whether you choose chef-presented pastas, Asian stir-fry, or Chateaubriand. You even can incorporate dessert Action Stations such as sweet crepes or Drunken Bananas along with that exquisite wedding cake. Espresso and Cappuccino Bars are always a hit with guests of all ages.

Celebrate your special day with International Strolling Stations so that food, drink, dancing, and fun flow throughout the entire wedding! Top Wedding Catering firms will always offer this option.

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