Avoiding the Wedding Cake Disaster

After the bride, the wedding cake is often one of the main highlights of your wedding. Its design complements the color and tones of your day, while its taste pleases the palate of your guests.

Bakers will offer suggestions on wedding cake designs and tastes. They will provide photographs and samples to help you decide on the cake of your dreams. It is these professionals, not well-intentioned friends, who you should employ to bake and decorate your cakes.

Hiring a professional is the single largest way to avoid a confectionary disaster on your wedding day. Unfortunately, the best made plans are not always foolproof. Occasional mishaps do happen to wedding cakes, the following tips can help save the day, and your wedding cake.

The Melting Wedding Cake: We often force wedding cakes to endure the heat and humidity of wedding peak season-spring and summer. The uncompromising temperatures force the icing to sweat and soften, the colors to run and the entire design to melt away. To preserve your cake's intended beauty, make sure your baker stores it in a cool place during decorating and transport. Make sure your venue manager protects your cake with a tent if you plan to have an outdoor event. For indoor events, keep your cake away from heat sources and windows.

The Falling Cake: High traffic areas can be detrimental to a cake. When guests are forced to walk past your cake during your entire reception, disaster is bound to strike. Ask your wedding venue manager to place your cake in a low traffic area. Make sure it is placed away from the dance floor and the speakers as well; the inevitable shaking may be detrimental to your cake's health. A wobbly table can also be the cause of a cake's demise. Triple check that the table is sturdy enough to hold the enormous weight of your cake for an extended period of time.

Nature's Cake: Outdoor weddings may offer memories of a treasured event. However, a mother-nature ravaged wedding cake will be memorable for different reasons. Nature arrives at your wedding in many forms-birds that leave undesired decorations behind, four legged creatures run faster than your cake's table can handle, and insects delight in your delectable treat. Umbrellas, fences and screened tents help reduce the likelihood of mother-nature ruining your beautiful creation.

The best way to handle wedding cake disasters is to avoid them. Unfortunately, fate may have different plans for your well-planned dessert. If the cake melts or falls, you have options available.

Ask your cake designer or another local baker to bring in cupcakes to fill the void. Alternately, ask your designer or baker for a substitute cake for pictures, then cut up a generic replacement cake out of the sight of your guests.

Choosing the right baker who will design the perfect cake is one step in the process of getting a wedding cake. Planning to avoid disaster is another equally important step.

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