How to be the perfect Bridezilla !

Want to become the best bridezilla possible? Here?s a sure way to accomplish this.

1) When selecting attendants, just ask the first people you come in contact with after getting engaged.

2) Don?t tell your attendants what costs they may incur.

3) Be sure to ask people who don?t get along, to be members of your wedding party.

4) Do expect your attendants to read your mind. (It doesn?t matter that you live 1500 miles apart!)

5) Be as bossy as possible.

6) Take all your bridesmaids shopping with you for their attire. This drives the sales associate nuts and is a good way to create discord between your attendants as none of them will want the same dress.

7) Expect your attendants to throw extravagant showers and bachelorette parties, never mind that this may include several trips all over the country.

8) Act the part of a spoiled girl. Demand your own way in every decision.

9) Be as rude and demanding toward all vendors, after all, their job is to serve your every whim.

10) Treat your parents, as what they are, an open checkbook.

11) Don?t worry about the budget. The money will come from somewhere. Just be sure you get everything you want.

12) Tell your fianc? that this is your wedding and don?t allow any input from him or his family.

How to be a Relaxed ? Fun Bride

1) Think about who you would like to be part of your special day. Then invite them to be part of the wedding party.

2) Take into consideration if your friends/family can afford the cost of the attire, travel expenses, etc.

3) When selecting attendants, select people who are close to you. It?s a plus if they all get along. This will avoid big problems for you and everyone else involved in the wedding.

4) Keep your bridesmaids in the loop. They need to know what you expect from them. A good way to do this is to have your Maid of Honor set up a system where you relay to her what you want/need to have done and have her be the main contact for all the bridesmaids. This way everyone will be on the same page.

5) Listen to your family and friends. They may actually have some good ideas that you can incorporate.

6) When shopping for bridesmaids? attire, take your maid of honor or mother. Your MOH can try on the dresses so you can see what they look like. Once you?ve decided on the designer/style/color, let your bridesmaids know your decision so they can get their dresses ordered.

7) Allow your MOH and bridesmaids to plan a bachelorette party based on what they can afford to do. Don?t make outlandish demands.

8) Listen to people then decide what will work for you. (Free advice is worth what you pay for it !!!)

9) Respect your vendors. They want to do their very best job to make your day special. Do be upfront with them as far as your budget goes and keep open lines of communication. It takes a good team to have a successful event and one that you?ll be pleased with.

10) Respect your parents. Remember, a wedding is not an obligation, it?s a gift from your parents. If you want something that isn?t in their budget, consider paying for it yourself.

11) Be aware of what the budget is, then stick to it. Whether your parents are paying for the wedding or you are, when it?s all said and done, no one should be in debt. There?s many ways to cut costs, if necessary, and still have a beautiful, meaningful, memorable wedding day.

12) Include your fianc? in your planning. After all, it?s his wedding too!

13) HIRE A GOOD WEDDING COORDINATOR. This is the key to a stress and worry free wedding day. Whether you utilize a coordinator?s services for hourly consultation to full wedding planning they will take a big load off your shoulders. From the start of your planning to when you wave good-by and exit the reception, have someone (preferably a third party) you can count on to make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you follow these suggestions, you, your family, attendants and guests will have a great experience planning your wedding and will enjoy your special day.

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